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Youth Focused Programs

SFRS offers the following courses for parents.


Please phone SFRS at 250-642-5152 to register and to inquire about upcoming dates of programs.


My Tween and Me


Research confirms that children between and ages of 7-12 need active, involved parents!  Children who enjoy a close relationship with their family are less likely to experiment with drugs, alcohol, or engage in other high risk behaviours.


My Tween and Me is a 4 week parenting program that helps parents build strong relationships with their preteens.



Triple P: Positive Parenting Program


Triple P is a Positive Parenting Program that promotes good communication and strong relationships between parents and children.  This positive approach to parenting helps parents promote their children’s development and manage their children’s behaviour in a constructive and caring way.  Triple P helps parents recognize causes of common child behaviour problems and encourage desirable behaviour in their children.


 Triple P offers suggestions and ideas to help parents:


build positive relationships with their children


praise and encourage behaviour they like


teach children new skills


set rules and give instructions their children will follow


respond to misbehaviour immediately, consistently and decisively


use discipline strategies that work


take care of themselves as parents

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